​Welcome to Jegum Ferieland

We welcome both new owners of weekend cottages in Jegum and loyal visitors to the area and hope that everybody will have a pleasant stay in the holiday resort.

It is our hope that you will appreciate the special qualities offered by this holiday resort. Jegum Ferieland is a recreational area with plenty of space and weekend cottages on generous plots of land. And the playground next to the centre building is, of course, for general use.

If you go for walks in the countryside, you will see birds and deer living under very favourable conditions in the Jegum area.

Approx. 11 km of nature trails have been established in the area which can be used for walking and for biking, and benches have been put up for you to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

A small outing to the north-western corner of Jegum is also worthwhile. Here you will find a piece of unspoilt nature at the stream Søvig Bæk.

A holiday stay in Jegum offers a number of advantages. The area is a particularly peaceful and quiet area - and the quietness of nature really gets under your skin.

Jegum Ferieland is located right in the middle of one of Denmark’s largest recreational areas, and some of the very best bathing beaches are only 10-12 km away. The closest beach is Børsmose where you can take your car right on to the beach. With Jegum as your centre, you can choose between the beaches of Skallingen, Blåvand, Vejers, Grærup or Henne Strand, depending on your likings and needs.

The modern indoor swimming pool with sauna in Oksbøl is only 5 km away from Jegum. Legoland is only 60 km away - and with 30 km to Esbjerg and 15 km to Varde, there is a variety of opportunities for other types of experience and activities.

Welcome to Jegum Ferieland!

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